new blog who dis

new blog who dis

hi !

so, we made a blog. because hoochi has a soul. and you would love her soul. she brings people together and dances around like a fairie. 'hoochi' isn't your regular pant, she is a magical pant. a sisterhood of the traveling pants, if you will. so by way of this post, we want to relate to you who hoochi actually is, and talk to you about all of the amazing hoochi mamas who continue to inspire and give us all tons of hope and love and just plain hoochi vibes.

so what is hoochi? no. hoochi is a who. hoochi is a 'she.' and we all want to be her. she's the best friend you never had. she writes you handwritten notes and puts mini mushrooms in your pockets. she dances. she flows. she skates. and she is always creating. she goes by the moon and honors herself.

so, why 'hoochi' you ask? great question. because names are incredibly important. we know that. and that's why hoochi's maker chose her name with great care and precision. we are redefining the term! we are claiming it and making it our own. hoochi doesn't have to follow it's urban dictionary definition. we have re-created hoochi. we learn from this that one can always change and be whoever they want to be. and can reinvent yourself constantly. at any moment. and that's what hoochi did.

hoochi is the most giving, kind, free-spirited woman around. she loves with all her heart and can distinguish which situations to enter and which to exit with ease. she has a deep knowing, and she listens to her intuition. it is important to her to be free, to be comfy, to be her. oh, and all of her garments have pockets. that's a must. it is impossible not to admire her. she’s all over the place. but also not. she runs around, yet stays grounded. she remains herself everywhere she goes. her aura is purple. her eyes gold. she is light. she exudes happiness. no, she is happiness. she is hoochi!!

with this post we wanted to give you a jist of who we are here at hoochi. the rest of our blog posts will consist of practical tips on how to stay hoochi along with interviews of the most fascinating hoochi women around. women who are always creating, loving, and living by the moon with their hoochis on!

anyways only love, vibes, and mini mushrooms... tune in. and maybe read something.