welcome to hoochi land

who is 'hoochi' ?

hoochi was born out of the need for a happier pant, an alternative to leggings and joggers but not quite your local farmer’s market harem pant. we needed something flowy and authentic, like our spirit, but that doesn’t cling to your booty! oh and pockets - yeah we needed those. cue hoochi. we created the 'hoochi' pant-which started us on this journey of green. which, btw, is the new black. we climbed the rainbow. and when we got to purple, we found an entrance. we stumbled in, and laid in a bed of lilies. meditating. then we realized, it was there. it was always there. we just weren't tapped in. the hoochi pant, ~for ladies who do things~ Gd created the world. then we created hoochi. lady owned, soft, stretchy, and always weird... one size that actually fits all and deeeep pockets for deep women....how do you hoochi? ethically made in the purple of the rainbow in miami, with you in mind :)